“Brown Stripes” Painted Straight Terracotta Pot


The brown stripe runs along a white base elegantly, adding a certain grace and beauty to the pot, combined with a premium stand, completing the look.

Plants are not included and are shown for photography purposes only.

This hand-painted terracotta pot is painted in a span of 5 days with a lot of work and dedication. Each pot is carefully hand-painted and to lock all the colors together the artist makes sure to put at least 3 layers of lacquer to make it an everlasting home for your green friend.

Paired with the premium wooden stand to complete the look and make it a wholesome art piece.


Height: 5 inches

Width: 5 inches

Terracotta Pot Details:

Dimensions: Height: 5 inches x Width: 5 inches

Material: Red terracotta clay

Weight 1 kg


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