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the Little Canvas difference.

Little Canvas is a one of its kind online art shop based in Pakistan with a unique collection of Terracotta Pots, hand-painted Pebble Art, handmade Wooden Furniture and Macrame Art.

You will find an exclusive collection of handpainted Pebble Art which also became the reason behind the inception of our brand name as what most people see as ordinary rocks, the creative eye of our artist saw a Little Canvas and painted with their magic fingers to transform these pebbles into keepsakes. We make customised artwork as per customer’s request and our Pebble Art has made many birthdays, anniversaries and friendships special. The handpainted Pebbles were then elevated in design and turned into home decor by adding them to handmade wooden frames, exclusive to Little Canvas and we can proudly say that these Pebble Art wooden frames are not found anywhere else in Pakistan.

We acquire the best quality Terracotta Pots from the local artisans with no compromise on quality. The unique shaped terracotta pots in our collection are then further enhanced by our in house artists who add intricate details and one of its kind designs and transform these regular terracotta pots into pieces of art. Each of our hand painted Terracotta Pots come with a drain hole to assist you in keeping your plants healthy.

All our wooden furniture is made in house from the procurement of the wood, to cutting, shaping, colouring and polishing, everything is done by our talented artisan. Each piece is made by hand with great attention to detail, we use a special technique of burning the wood to bring out a certain texture in the wood. The Wooden Furniture is then made water proof and weather proof with multiple sealants to make it long lasting and give a smooth luxurious finish which makes the pieces perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We also take custom orders for the Wooden Furniture as per customer’s requirements.