The photography session is compulsory as it enables us to check the quality of the products, we pride ourselves on being strict with our quality guidelines. 

When you become an Approved Artist on Little Canvas, you can have a day and time booked for our rider to pick your products. Please note that ALL photography sessions are FREE for Approved Artists.


One click appointment.

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Our riders arrange a pick-up.


We inspect the quality of your products.

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Our photographers do their magic.

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Your items are delivered back to you.


Professional-grade editing and retouching of your art.


Your shop is live.


Most frequent questions and answers

1. How do I send my products for Quality Control / Photography?

The artist does not have to worry about logistics and delivery as Little Canvas will get the art picked up by sending a rider on the day selected by the artist.

2. Will I have to pay the rider when I get my items picked up for the Quality Control / Photography session?

NO, that is covered by Little Canvas. All we ask the artist is to  pack the products properly so that they reach us safely. E.g if sending A4 sized sketches, they should be put in an envelope, fragile items should be bubble wrapped etc.

3. When and how will I get my products back after the Quality Control / Photography session?

When the Little Canvas team is done with the Quality Control / Photography session, the artist will be informed and a rider  will be sent to drop off your art safely back to you.  

4. How do I book my appointment?

If you’re an Approved Artist, you will automatically receive the One-Click Booking link in your email or Artist Dashboard Support Page. Non-approved Artists can not book this service.

5. What if my product(s) get damaged during the pick-ups?

Little Canvas takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the safety and preservation of your art. If your products get any kind of damage during our process, we will reimburse you in full amount. Please note that this operates on trust and cannot be misused.

6. What happens if my product(s) do not meet the Quality Control Standards?

Little Canvas takes Quality Control very seriously as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If your products do not meet our Quality Control Standards, you will be notified by e-mail and your product(s) will instantly be sent back to you without photography.

7. I got rejected. Can I apply again?

Yes, of course! Little Canvas is an open marketplace for the amazing artists of Pakistan. Artists will always have the option to sign up again with market-competitive artwork.

8. Why is my art not selling?

We advise our artists to keep market-competitive and customer-friendly prices for optimum sales. Little Canvas is a growing marketplace, a one of it’s kind for Pakistan. We intend on helping artists boost their sales and get better recognition, but we can not promise sales. Little Canvas is a service meant to provide you with a hassle-free, management-less online shop along with product photography and social media management on our platforms, making them reach a wider audience.

9. What’s your Shop Policy?

Our Shop Policy is explained in detail here.

10. How do I get support for my Shop’s Dashboard?

You’ll find all necessary help documentations in your Shop’s Dashboard once you sign up. If you’re still stuck, you can simply use the “Support” button in your Dashboard and send us a direct message so we can sort it out for you. Remember, it’s completely managed for you, we will fix your site’s issues no-questions-asked ?

11. Do I need to get my artwork framed?

At Little Canvas, we prefer that the artist does not get their artwork framed and we will handle the process according to the customer’s demand so that it’s easier to maintain the quality standards and it also takes the burden off the artist.

12. Why is it compulsory to get product photography done by Little Canvas?

We at Little Canvas believe in keeping a consistent quality standard of Photography to give the product a uniform appearance with out compromising the original colors of the artwork. So the art is better translated digitally.

13 .Do I have to pay for the Photography?

The artist does not have to worry about the product photography as Little Canvas will get the art picked up by sending a rider on the date and time selected by the artist.

14. What happens If I don’t send my items for Quality Check/Photography?

If the artist cannot oblige by this step, their shop will go on hold as Little canvas takes the quality of the products very seriously and can not compromise on their customer service by sending a sub-standard product to the customer, the photography is also a part of our effort of not taking any step of reaching a potential customer lightly.

15. How much will I get paid?

The profit-share between the artist (you) and Little Canvas is 70:30, where you get the bigger share.

16. Why does Little Canvas take 30% per product?

Little Canvas takes 30% of each sale. We do this to cover the expenses of our entire process. Little Canvas performs the following services for its artists:
Instagram Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Maintaining your custom store
Product Photography

17. How will I get paid?

A cheque will be mailed to your address.

18. When will I get paid?

You will get paid on the 22nd of every month.

19. Is it compulsory to have a bank account to get paid?

No, it’s not compulsory to have a bank account for you to get paid. You can still get your payments via an open cheque.


Little Canvas started as an idea after hearing recurrent stories of home based artists either being scammed or being unable to market/sell their artwork online without a huge investment, to fill this gap between the artists and the art lovers we thought of this solution to facilitate the artists as best as we can in an effort to do something for the Pakistani artists and bring them together on one platform where they can set up their shops, all we ask in return is a good quality product and their trust in us. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for please email your query at and we will get back to you as soon we can. Thanks for all the support.

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